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This is actually a pretty good rock cover of “How Far I'll Go”.

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They go, “Isn't she lovely, this Hollywood girl?”

And they say... “She's so lucky, she's a star.” But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking If there's nothing missing in my life Then why do these tears come at night?

Damn... this cover is so good.

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Awesome guitar cover of Breaking Benjamin's “Diary of Jane”. No vocals, just pure musical bliss from the guitars and drums. Enjoy!

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An awesome, really clean cover of Angel and Airwaves' “Do It For Me Now”.

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If “Dancing Queen” was written by a screamo rock band in 2022, this is most likely what it will sound like. That is to say, for fans of rock music, not bad at all. Could go with less screaming, but yeah, still pretty good.

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I've had this song on repeat for the last 20 minutes. It's a beautiful uplifting song and this was a beautiful cover of the original.

The song is sung in Tagalog, which unfortunately I'm not that good at. But here's a rough translation of the song's lyrics. Again a beautiful uplifting song.

Don't look down on yourself Don't think that you're useless That's a damn big lie

Tomorrow the sun will rise again But only for those with the patience to wait

Don't give in my friend Keep your chin up high

Because nothing's going to happen There's nothing for us to gain Don't try to stop the rain from falling

There's time to be a king There's time to be down on the ground Because that's just the way life goes

It's sunny, it's raining That's just the way life goes

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It's been what, 5 years, since Chester Bennington took his own life. He struggled with depression and substance abuse for most of his life. If you paid attention to the lyrics in their songs, you would know this to be true.

I'm five years late in sharing this, but this is such a fitting and wonderfully done tribute to Chester Bennington. Wherever you are man, I hope you found peace.

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