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Mazda's new inline 6 engine is finally here. There has been a lot of rumors and I didn't want to believe anything until Mazda unveiled it themselves. Well looks like that's going to be happening soon. Oh and it really is on a RWD platform, which makes me hopeful for a new RWD Mazda 6 in the future.

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Here's one for the car enthusiasts out there.

I can very much relate when the driver in the first car filled up his Corvette ZR1 with gas. Premium octane gas is so expensive nowadays. Although I did find out today, that E85 gas is like a dollar cheaper than 93. So it might be worthwhile to stay on the E30 tune for my Mazdaspeed3 until gas prices come back down. I only switched to the E30 tune because of the extremely hot weather.

Anyway, this is how you do car videos. Less talking, less influencer face time, and more screen time for cars... because that's why we're watching anyway. Excellent video from Gears and Gasoline.

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