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A reminder that Mazda is still obsessed with making fun to drive cars. In this video, Dave Coleman revealed that they keep a Lotus Elise around and use it to benchmark steering feel in their cars. Also, apparently just a year after the CX-50 came out, it's already getting refinements to its suspension and steering feel. They didn't even wait for a mid-cycle refresh.

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Super satisfying car wash video on a beautiful Mazda RX-8. While the RX-7 gets more of the limelight, I have to say that I really the RX-8 design. I wished Mazda would make another similar looking car with suicide doors. I feel like it worked really well on the RX-8. My cousin had one and it was a good car with space for 4 people.

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In a previous post, which was a review of the CX-90, I mentioned how the reviewer was able to corner at high speed without corrections on the steering wheel. The CX-90 just basically took the corner, and well, it cornered without needing too many steering wheel corrections from the driver. The Engineering Interview section in this video, explains exactly how and why the CX-90 drives that way. It's actually the most important part of this video in my opinion. You get to see what the Mazda philosophy is when it comes to building cars.

One thing I realized after watching all the engineering interviews, is that the reason why Mazda cannot grow their market share, is because they are not willing to compromise their driving philosophy and principles for the general population. They want to build cars that drive like a Mazda. If you don't like how their cars drive, then so be it. And that insistence on sticking with their way of building and tuning cars, is what keeps Mazda fans like me coming back for more. On the flip side, this is also what stops most of the general public from buying a Mazda.

Lastly, the powertrain and transmission issues mentioned in this video are not new to me. I've seen it mentioned in other reviews. My opinion is that you should probably skip the first and second year models until they sort out all of those issues. This after all is all new for Mazda; brand new inline six engine, brand new 8-speed transmission and brand new rear-wheel drive based architecture. They just need more time to sort out all of those issues. This is a car that will get better and better as the years go by. If I'm shopping for a 3-row SUV, this is still at the top of my list.

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I'm sold on this car! Great review from Joe. Now to find me some $60K laying around somewhere... no, but seriously, this is a gorgeous new 3-row SUV from Mazda that looks great and seems to drive great too. Look at when he corners the CX-90 at speed, he barely moves the steering wheel (most likely because of Mazda's GVC tech). This looks like a fantastic road trip car. Need to save up for this.

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Out of Spec Reviews

Excellent review of the Mazda 3 Turbo hatchback. That drive through the canyons looked like a lot of fun. This guy put the car through its paces unlike so many other reviews on YouTube.

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Mazda's new inline 6 engine is finally here. There has been a lot of rumors and I didn't want to believe anything until Mazda unveiled it themselves. Well looks like that's going to be happening soon. Oh and it really is on a RWD platform, which makes me hopeful for a new RWD Mazda 6 in the future.

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Here's one for the car enthusiasts out there.

I can very much relate when the driver in the first car filled up his Corvette ZR1 with gas. Premium octane gas is so expensive nowadays. Although I did find out today, that E85 gas is like a dollar cheaper than 93. So it might be worthwhile to stay on the E30 tune for my Mazdaspeed3 until gas prices come back down. I only switched to the E30 tune because of the extremely hot weather.

Anyway, this is how you do car videos. Less talking, less influencer face time, and more screen time for cars... because that's why we're watching anyway. Excellent video from Gears and Gasoline.

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